When Suprema told me she wanted to do a sunset maternity photography shoot I was so excited! So many clients have been opting for indoor shoots lately (which I love!) but I have missed capturing golden sunsets and happy people!

We were so lucky to squeeze in her session at 39 weeks, about 4 weeks later than I normally book maternity session, as soon as we came out of lockdown! It felt so good to be back doing what I love after close to 4 months of being closed. Lucky we did because her little girl arrived just a week later! What an incredible way to celebrate pregnancy and what our incredible female bodies are able to do!

Her amazing dress was rented from Mama Rentals and was stunning! I highly recommend checking them out for your session, baby shower etc- totally gorgeous!

I am looking forward to seeing all 3 of them back in the studio soon for their newborn photos.

Check out her maternity photos below and if you’d like to capture your pregnancy like this get in touch!

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