Some of my favourite photos are taken at the sitter age! Babies are so happy and adorable at this stage, My adorable nephew came in for his sitter photos a little later than normal (thanks Covid) and he was already 13 months old, lucky he wasn’t really walking confidently yet so he wasn’t off and running too much. We did get some adorable photos of some of the uncertain steps that he is beginning to take and I love that we were able to capture his adorable little personality at this age. One of his favourite things is to say “Oh no!” with his little hands on his cheeks- we were lucky to get photos of him doing that, I love him he is so sweet! You can see his newborn photos here

His big sister Ellie – which you can see from her sitter session here wasn’t to be left out either! She is my little bestie and I love her so much! She is growing up too fast!

If you are ready to get some updated photos of the kids contact us here, we would love to photograph you!