Kosta | 3 months

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Kosta was the most adorable baby photography session! How cute is he! His baby photography session is what we call an older baby photography shoot. I know by parent terms he is hardly an older baby at just 3 months but he is past that newborn window for us.

For older baby photography sessions we don’t focus so much on getting babies to sleep like we do with a newborn session. Older babies tend to be happy to play and interact and give great expressions for their photos. Sometimes we get lucky with sleepy photos. Kosta was one of those unicorn older babies who let me move him after he fell asleep! We were able to get some adorable sleepy photos of him too- so lucky!

Kosta’s mum was so in love with all the photos she purchased an heirloom album. I am sure she will treasure these photos for a lifetime. Our little ones grow and change so fast that before she knows it he will be at school!

Older baby photography is anywhere after about 6-8 weeks old. Sessions tend to be quicker than newborn sessions. Older babies are happy to interact with us and give some happy faces and funny expressions. If you missed the newborn window and would like to still get adorable baby photos, it’s not too late! Book in for a baby photography session as soon as you know you want to work with us. We take a limited number of sessions a week to allow room to move sessions around.

If you’d like to book in for your baby session you can see all the details here and contact now to avoid missing out. Check out all the photos from this adorable baby photography session below. I hope you love these photos as much as I do!

xxx Christiana


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